Solve Unamusement: Unstoppable Characters (Problems with being Invincible)

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Unstoppable Characters (Problems with being Invincible)

While writing among a group and each member of that group has his or her own character moving around the world there is bound to be a time when each, if not all, are worthless.

Upon creating a character it isn't always needed to show others what makes them weak or what they are already weak against but those weaknesses should be there. Even if these weaknesses make your character utterly worthless within the current settings of the story, you must play along.

Playing along can result in your character being injured or worse so you do have to remember that it is only a story and this character could, in a manner of sorts, "come back". Nothing says anything is truly permanent within any world including our own.

However having any weakness at all, can be counter acted by the "Nuh uh" behavior. This behavior is bad form and should be avoided. "Nuh uh" is a very uncool way to handle finally having your "uber-character" moved to a place where he or she is some what normal or even pointless. This also make others not wish to participate with you the next time.

Nothing is absolute and there is always a way to remove an obstacle but sometimes it has to be someone else who has to do it. At that point it is best to smile about it and let events transpire in a normal way. And remember, there is always next time.

See me "playing along" in a similar manner, here.


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