Solve Unamusement: Disney DO WHAT NOW!? (Disney buys Marvel)

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Disney DO WHAT NOW!? (Disney buys Marvel)

Watching yesterday's AOTS today upon waking up I heard some rather not so nice news. Disney is buying Marvel comics!

This is, of course, being hit with a mix of views. Some are screaming foul that Disney is going to "kiddy" up Marvel's gritty action and other say they are just looking for some extra cash (both parties).

There was a talk on AOTS with an "expert" on such issues and his consensus seems to be that only the movies will be altered, or not done. The actual comic comics sound like, in most views actually, that they will be generally left alone.

Personally I think Disney is just trying to be the biggest conglomerate it can be. One of the easiest ways to do that is buy something "big and tasty" and put your hands in it. I also am not the biggest "fanboy" when it comes to comics and other such things in general so maybe that is why I do not care to much.

I wasn't very excited about the prospect of an Avengers movie anyway. Justice League, yes, but not Avengers.

On another note, I did that "thing" and posted an entry on Monday Artday. Why don't you take a look?


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