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This has to be one of the coolest flash games I have honestly, ever played. Flash games are good for a quick burst of fun and then you forget about them, however, Cannabalt kinda stuck on my mind. The thing being it was simplistically awesome.

The idea of the game is rather simple. That being make your "great escape". From what or who? Well that isn't important. You can make that up yourself, if you wish. You make this great escape by being a guy running from roof top to roof top, jumping over obstacles and through plate glass. The object is simply to see how far you can get.

With randomized game play you never get the same run twice. I've seen several where it was plate glass to plate glass to plate glass. I've had some with exploding transformers (like those on your power line) and some with crumbling buildings and giant sky cranes. All of these get randomly blurred together to give you a unique escape each time.

  • Jump = X or C

That is the only buttons for the game but that is all that is needed. The game works off momentum of the character rather then actual movement from the arrow keys.

Music in the game is just wonderful! Its got a nice techno like beat which works well with the general theme of "action movie hero".

Think falling up then turn it sideways, add some cool music, 8-bit pidgins and a really cool black and white design and you got Cannabalt. Its a nice little game.

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Anonymous said...

IF you look in the background,you can see giant robots destroying the city

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