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Who Needs Talent?

Depends on what you mean or imply by the words. Here at Solve Unamusement we like fun over anything else so sometimes talent is a bit over rated or over needed when just trying to have fun. If you have ever wanted to make some "real music" but were limited by some severe talent like issuse then do i have the musical instrument for you!

The Beamz is an "instrument" designed with the fun in mind. A very simple device to operate all you have to do is interup the laser beams and it sends an electronic signal to the software which returns a sound. The best part, as also possibly the worst, is how the program always makes the music in tune. The problem most people have with this is that you aren't really making any music so much just poking at something that makes the music for you. Then again, who cares? We're looking for something fun!

Fun is what The Beamz is, iindeed I only wish I had one. I've messed with one a little while back when it was being demoed in a store and I didn't want to let it go. Sadly the price, at the time, was pushing $600. Now you can get The Beamz from its website for $199 or like $250 after all the extra stuff like taxes and shipping is added on.

Small Warning: You may look like a total fool or even an idiot while playing The Beamz but you will have fun! Essentually what you are looking at is a very small laser organ that never misses a beat.

If it wasn't for the price tag, which has dropped, there would be a full recommendation for this thing. As things are now, however, I'd say put that $250 to something more useful if not less fun.

Extra Note: Blog News Update here and some of you may have missed it.

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Jikei said...

What's odd is it's like an upgrade to the theremin (my favorite musical instrument behind the concertina, btw), but a Moog Etherwave theremin is $ the upgrade is cheaper...mind you, the theremin has no lasers and is annoying when used by beginners, but I still like it better than that...though the beat is catchy ^_^ But why pay money to play music for fun? Find two sticks outside and hit them together. If one has dry leaves; hey, that's more fullness to the sound!

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