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Sleep & Dreams

Oh how we all sleep, or at least should, every night. A sleep cycle c comes to each of us, on average, every sixteen hours and upon that time we need a recharge. It is here, in our sleep, that we are the most vulnerable but it is also the time when we are the most free. Free to do, be, and act out anything we may otherwise not be able to in our daily lives. Free to live in a world of chocolate or fly without an airplane during a quietly violent thunder storm. Our dreams get filled with so many great and wonderful things but, the problem is, they are only dreams.

Some of us do not always, and sometimes not at all, have the greatest or nicest dreams but why? There are those who have nightmares or worse night terrors and can not have the dreams that they so desperately need. It is a sad fate for we, as humans, need our dreams. They provide with guidance and support for things we may not even realize were needed. The dreams we all have keep us sane!

There are ways to help encourage our dreams. One of the most popular and well known is called lucid dreaming. It is a state where you realize you are sleeping and then may have power to control the situation to your will. Lucid dreaming can be induced in many ways but the easiest is to have a form of constant external stimuli bombard one of your senses while you attempt to sleep. The most common and least obvious is music.

While listening to music in your sleep does not always actually induce a lucid dream, at times, it allows you to generally set the mood before you walk off to dreamland. Depending on the type of music, tempo and beat depends on how it effects the slumber world. Words to songs have a profound effect on the mind during sleep, as well, but it is harder to understand their effects. The tempo, beat and other things are obvious to the conscious mind on how they may or could effect the subconscious but with words, there is a problem as each word means more or less to each individual.

Another and more direct way to induce lucid dreaming is with visual stimuli. This can be done with certain types of glasses you can buy or make which, usually, shine a low intensity beam onto your eyelid as you sleep. It may be difficult to sleep like this, especially when listening to music is more natural, but the benefits are great. Once you are sleeping the light becomes a stable among the dreamer. They still see it even while they dream so this is a key trigger to yourself that you are indeed sleeping. Upon this time, most people actually wake. There are those that can deal with this knowledge and they manipulate their dreams to fulfill fantasies.

Dreams, sleep, dreaming: Things that make up a third of our life and so few actually enjoy them. There are even those that wish they did not dream and have no nightmares or night terrors that would make them worry. These people are clearly not aware of the power they wish to remove from themselves. Then again, perhaps they wish to have themselves go insane.

Note: Due to sleeping and dreams I almost did not post so I figured a post relevant as such would be appropriate and possibly funny.


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