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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Blog Update

After a lot of tweaking and alterations I've the blog in a manner I 100% like. One of those features etc that I have added is the ability to actually subscribe to this blogs RSS via email. This prevents from any excuses. The option is under "Blog Organization" and then "Subscription Options". I would like anyone who has the current mode of getting emails from Dudel@blogspot or whatever it was to subscribe this way as I'll be removing the emails from the "update list" via Blogger's controls. This makes things less cluttered and allows for you to get an actual feed post rather then a odd looking half arsy copy of the current post and nothing more.

I've also decided to use my "Relevant Pic" to showcase old posts that I would like others to "look at again" or ones that I know will provide quick amusement for later. As of the writing of this post a frame form "The Cat Came Back" short film is resting there. The image will ALWAYS link to the post I am trying to "make you" look at, so no worrys there. This will still be updated about four times a month OR once every week. Don't count on it being a regular day.

Been trying to limit the amount of "Games" related posts as well so somethings might seem "random" or possibly "out of place" as of late but it is only to showcase a slew of amusements and not just reiterate one. Some amusements are not personally partacken in but I have heard enough about or at least think I have, in order to post. Again, if you've ideas please leave comments. A few of you have and I have already used one of them. Thanks to syst3m_blonde69 for the suggestion on "Patches". I've one coming soon that has been suggested by joo with in the next couple of days.

Now a few other things are:

  • Sometimes Blogger fails at posting and I must post the entry again. When this happens the comments on the old post go away. This is rare but when/if it does happen I will leave a note at the bottom explaining what happened. Recently this happened to this post and I'm sorry your comment was lost, Reb.

  • At times there will be a scheduled post rather then my usual ones. These are because I know I will not be posting the next day or because I don't want to post the next day. These posts will be blog updates or news and labeled as such. This post is because I want to play a game, its research for a later post sure.

  • Don't be afraid to leave comments. I don't really "monitor" them for the reason that the blog isn't at a point where I'll have trouble but I can easily remove comments if its an issue. As of now you may leave comments anonymously if you wish but I'd request you do not as it is easier to give credit when you've an idea.

  • You can now sign in which makes leaving comments etc much easier. The follower widget wouldn't keep the colors I wanted so it was really annoying me so I removed it. The sign in widget is the middle ground of not having the thing on there at all and using something that makes me a little mad. Please forgive that the links in the widget are blue, they will not change for some reason and I gave up on trying to change them.

  • Check the watch list! It is there for a reason and that is to share with others things that randomly amuse. If they didn't then they either wouldn't be on the blog or farther down under "Site Organization". The latter is doubtful.

  • Old links and their link clusters are below the watch list in case you ever want to view the links again. I have little intention of removing links, but may "reorganize them" at one point in time if I thin the lists are becoming to cumbersome.

Now that you've been fully bombarded with information you are ready to live out your life in peace. Please keep reading and maybe leave a suggestion as I'd like to have people actively giving ideas. I do use them, especially when I don't really have anything "that day" of my own. Now a little something from a reader of my blog, here. Hope you like it!


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