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Last Persona3

Final and last Persona 3 comment for Solve Unamusement as after two-hundred and eleven hours of play, the game has been finished. A long game when you take into account the amount of time that I, personally, spent on grinding all the characters to their max level. Of course, if I'd have known that was going to make the final battle so easy, I would have done no such thing.

The final battle of the game, as with plenty of other games being played recently, was a bit of a let down. Not in story terms (at least considering Persona 3's degree in story) but it was weak. The battle took awhile, that was for certain, but there wasn't any difficulty beyond some phases of the creature's "Arcana" shifts which made certain abilities worthless.


After smacking Death-Nyx hybrid you get some interesting cut scenes some of which are interactive. One such scene masks itself as a battle but, really, it was just an interactive cut scene. After all that your character (and his new friends) have been through the very-very end of the game seemed sort of anti-climactic. Everyone forgot they even had this epic battle, well until like 10 seconds away from curtain call (end credits).

Persona 3 Ending 1/4

The rest of the videos should be along the related links, which are included. It all came at this ending that felt a lot less like the rest of the game. All this mystery and confusion, with a bit of irritation ended in "Uh... what were we doing, again?" Seems this writer is looking at endings wanting more. Games need closure, I know, but this one felt dragged out for no reason other than to add more playtime to my total. Of course, the music of the game is still epic in it's own right.

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bagalagalaga said...

Wow, 200+ hours blows away any time I've spent on one RPG, I think the longest one I've played was FF8, and a lot of that time was watching very intricate attacks.

Dudel said...

Well the game enticed me to do as many side quests as possible. There are, possibly, a few parts where the game was running but I wasn't 100% playing. Those 200+ hours are still worth a replay, as well. Though I think my second run through will be much shorter.

Though I think Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has more time, in total, invested in it with 3 completed campaigns at 90-110 hours each.

I'm working on Dragon Quest VIII now. Already at hour 10.

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