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Pirated Games (SpaceNinja88)

From awhile back there was a quick post of something odd/silly which brought forth a quick amusement. That was a song remix of the show Cow & Chicken. That post was simply titled BUT ITS WRONG! and allowed for our first Solve Unamusement spotlight of SpaceNinja88.

Now we look into his real work, if you call what anyone on youtube does as work, which is digging into pirated games. Where he is from, these are not only common they were brought right down to the system and even given their own "Dendy" label. As an American who's never left the states, that all by itself is rather amusing to know.

SpaceNinja88 has a readable blog, as well as his youtube channel but lets look at one of his 10 second reviews and some of his music.

First, lets look at Harry Potter on the NES. The first thing anyone who's played games long enough will realize, even before SpaceNinja88 says anything about it, is that the game is just a sprite skinning. A vid of the original game can be found here.

SpaceNinja88 10 Second Review #2

Now lets poke at some music and other stuff, really quickly. A good vid for music relevance is a demo type which was "released" some time ago.

SpaceNinja88 Demo

Don't ask, just enjoy.

SpaceNinja88 Links (Some Listed Already)

For quick updates and other things of that nature you might wish to see his twitter. This is the best way to know when a live radio remix is going.

3 Replies:

SpaceNinja said...

I always do my livemix @ Thursdays from 6-8PM GMT. :)
And thanks for the post! :D

Dudel said...

You heard him folks.

6-8 GMT is 1 - 3 EST, all on Thursdays.

That's three hours, once a week, of live mixing to get your fix

SpaceNinja said...

No. That's two hours. XD
Also, the BUT IT'S WRONG is from Two Stupid Dogs. :]

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