Solve Unamusement: The Rapage Continues.. AGAIN!

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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

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The Rapage Continues.. AGAIN!

A good time ago there were two posts here, on Solve Unamusement, about songs that might or might not get stuck in your head and/or annoy you for days on end. Those two posts, if you wish to see them, were cleverly named Silly Song Rampage and Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2). to keep with the theme of these posts, and to add another odd little random bit to Solve Unamusement, we shall continue this for today.

For this day, there are three songs given. Only three songs, yet they will pop into your head after years of never hearing them only to torment your soul until you finally give in (as I have done). Some might even find these songs good, and I honestly do, but they will haunt your life for the next week or so, I promise.


The first of these three has been in a couple of 90s or 80s movies, one can never tell without extensive research but my money is on late 80s to early 90s due to my own birth not being until '87. This song has a nice meaning and flow to it but the chorus will follow you unless drowned out with something else.

Seal - Kiss From a Rose

Now that you've got "Kissed from a rose on the grave" repeating in your head over and over again, its time to drown it out with some vulgarity. Well, not horribly vulgar. The song only implies sex and is too stupid to be anything other than seen as comedic. Its fun, this song, but the entire thing will play forever in your noggin if you let it.

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

Now it is time to speak of love. Love forever, near and far, push it together. That's right, you probably have only two lines of the entire song playing in your head just from that portion above. This song was so annoying that as a child I learned the chorus just so I could annoy my mother with it. Now, fifteen something-ish years later, the song has returned the favor by literally torturing me for the past four and a half days. I had, in all honesty, not heard the song since I was about nine or ten (being twenty-three now) and as a favor to the rest of you here it is.

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

Pick you poison folks! Which one of the three will be driving you up the wall today? With any luck the three songs will take turns. Maybe jumble together into a blur so they are impossible to recognize as individual songs. They will be one giant mess of irritation and redundancy! You'll only have me to thank for it, as well.

Okay, I do apologize for locking your brain with the above nonsense. Instead, I offer a peace offering. No, it is not a lie.


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