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The Infected (28 Days Later)

Brought in by 28 Days Later, at least to this blogger's knowledge, "The Infected" are something of a sub-species of Zombie. Also know as the "fast zombie" and sometimes the suspect of scrutiny as "real zombies".

Generally "The Infected" consist of zombie traits without actually being flesh rotting beasts. In the case of The 28 days/weeks/etc films the people have something like uber rabies. The hunger, the fear and some of the usual traits are there but the very obvious "living dead" part is missing. Instead its something like the "enraged living" which could be accomplished by removing cable access to most American homes. Still good films, though only 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later have been seen personally. How the second film in the series is done and explained works very well in my honest opinion, if not slightly over used in other genres with similar "infection" type of behaviors.

28 Days Later Trailer

Violent but not really flesh eaters.

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