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Kingdom Hearts

Speaking of the PS2, Kingdom Hearts is less than 15 USDs on the sticker. For at least 60 hours of gameplay, if not more for side quests and a lot of extra stuff included (like a secret ending). Break that down mathematically and we are talking .25 USDs (That's a quarter or 25 cents) for a full hour of entertainment, or less if the game is delved into deeper.

The game has some very nice themes with a real time combat system along with teaming up with some of Disney's core characters. Though some of the Disney characters are somewhat annoying due to not having some of their original voice acting. Like they could actually get Robin Williams to voice over for a game, for Genie? So this gets a pass as most the other characters sound perfect. Not to mention the game has excellent music, though a good chunk of it is j-pop its still not bad.

Final Fantasy fans should have already played this game due to the horrendous amount of characters within it. This blogger/writer hasn't played more than maybe two FF games and could recognize most of the FF characters and place them to a game.

Kingdom Hearts Intro

Good game, in my opinion, though short on its main quest. Not to mention that the main big, ultimate end boss was the easiest in the entire game. Not to mention that one of the "hardest cups" for the coliseum (The Hades Cup), was not all that difficult either. The games real difficulty, and most of its fun, comes from all the extra stuff. The main quest/story is just way to short so if you're not a 100% or Easter Egg type of gamer, you might still want to wait for the price to drop.

The ending was rather cool, too but due to a system freeze on my PS2 not much could be said beyond the credits. Unless that's honestly what happens and the game STOPS in the middle of a text scroll. Though this was during the very, very end of the end credits so nothing was ruined (simply could not save beating the final boss and/or get any form of credit if the game worked in this manner. Such as New Game+, etc)


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