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Disney's Fantasia

When Fantasia came out (at least on VHS) this blogger could not have been that far into elementary school. At this time such a long and music driven movie tends to cause an urge to sleep. However such a movie was usually played as background for such things as Lego building or drawing in an art pad.

There were a few specific spots within the (think two hour) movie which caused a stop and pause on what was being done and given the film its full attention. One of those being the excerpt involving dancing flowers, mushrooms, and other such things during the songs of the Nutcracker Suite.

Nutcracker Suite - Fantasia

To be an honest person, this song series (whatever) gains a lot more amusement when animated in such a manner was Disney chose. Rat kings and actual nutcrackers are one thing but dancing Chinese mushrooms and Russian soldier flowers are another.


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