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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

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Synesthesia/12 Seconds

A disorder, a blog, a story. Three things that all share the name Synesthesia. The disorder is stimulating one sense and also getting a response from another. The most common of this would be the act of seeing sounds and hearing colors. This sensation and its name make sense for the writer that uses the word and the title of the story, claimed soon to be novel.

The story, Synesthesia, is the first person account of a man drifting between being concious, remembering his past and being "trapped" in a dream state. The writer does a good job of weaving the three things together but it does, a lot of times, get annoyingly confusing. At some points it is difficult to tell what the character is actually experiencing of course, according to the writer, this is the point. When you take that thought into account the entire story moves rather well and the "sudden jumps" make more sense to the reader.

Notes are given by the author at the begining of this and his other stories, which should always be taken into account. They are something of the blurb you would get on the back of a book if that blurb explained nothing about the story and rather its reason and purpose. There are some that do this so this is not an attack on the author in anyway, shape, or form. Actually I prefer the notes as it lets me into a side of the writing as a reader that one would not normally get.

Here is the notes on Synesthesia from the author, Jikei.


This is the ORIGINAL SHORT STORY that my novel of the same title is based on. This does not, of course, contain ALL of the content the novel will (as it doesn't include a lot of his hallucinations that I have planned). It seems a bit much to happen in a short story and the ending may change in the novel. Who knows? I'm not even halfway through it and have LOTS to add. The ending may not be as good with a novel, after all. Oh well, read it and enjoy; this is my favorite of every story I've written.

As you can see the writer is very proud of his work and as well should be. It is not often that I find myself reading a story then later commenting on it in any form other then stateing the fact that I have indeed read it. Solve Unamusement is usually about visual stimulation and interactive media but this story deserves a looky loo.

His other stories and notes can also be found on the site which I have linked in a link cluster and is also in my own personal watch list. Some other story then this may the one to perk a cell in your mind so please, check them all out.


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