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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal


Some updates and news about myself and Solve Unamusement.

About Me

  • I have been feeling oddly as of late. Sleeping at awkward times and fluxing my sleep cycle in odd manners. Not to mention I've been having issues with my stomach and using the bathroom more then normal. It is nothing serious but is slightly discomforting.

  • I believe I may have also altered my digestion. This would make the odd issue with the restroom and having to poo every few hours make sense. I think I need more roughage in my diet.

  • My dog went into heat, which I thought odd considering her age. She was "leaking" all over the floor and causing a mess. Because of this I have not been "allowing" her to sleep in my room. It is for hygiene and my own sanity.

Blog News

  • Been a little distracted with some new stuff I'm trying. Watching some downloaded anime on my comp as this is my PC and I've more then enough space. I will discuss some of them later and might give the subject its own "Link Cluster" under "Anime". Of course it will get the "keyword-tag" of "Cartoons" but a new one of "Anime" will also be added.

  • Some of the current "Link Cluster" either have been split or will be split here soon. I have also started to include multiple "Link Clusters" if they both/all are relevant to the post in some manner. This might start to happen when things are on multiple media or are bridged between them. An example of this would be linking game sequels with TV shows and/or comic books.

  • There is a personal debate about finding another writer with similar views and tastes to mine to post on the blog but that would be/is difficult. Especially with the current amount of readers and the fact that there is only one Dudel on the planet, that I know of.

  • I have included a recent posts widget down near the site record and keyword-tag list. All of these things have similar functions so they have been grouped together.

  • Subscription Options have been tweaked a little more from before. The follower widget has been "re-added" as the problem I seemed to have with it has magically fixed itself. The option near the top to sign in will remain there regardless of the subscription option changes. It is a permanent addition to Solve Unamusement.

  • I have tagged this post with some new, and slightly random, keyword-tags in order to "remind" myself that I can use them later. I may or may not remove them after the tags have been used, which will not be for a few days.

  • Expect one of my next posts to be about a rather old and odd but very good Anime. It is a short series with only six episodes. This will, of course, be after two other posts which have been inspired or suggested by my readers.
I would like to also thank the seven people who have subscribed to my blog. That makes me smile, it does! Please keep reading my nonsense and being amused and I'll keep the blog moving forward with things that help solve the problem. For those of you who are not subscribed there are options at the bottom of this page or you may go here.


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