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Garfield... Again? (Simon's Cat)

Don't Over Feed Your Pets, Seriously

Reminiscent of Garfield and his owner John, Simon's Cat is an amusing little character that haunts a very "Jone Doe" type of man. As it was with Garfield, Simon's Cat runs the show. Being the main subject matter. As cats in general have set types of behaviors, the characters are not that different either. Both are attention grubbing cats with little interest in anything other then getting themselves fed. The differences between Simon's Cat and Gafield are very small. Heck Simon's Cat even has himself an "Oddie".

What can be given to Simon Tofield (Animator, writer ,etc of Sion's Cat) is that he is a great cartoonist and even better animator. The series has its charm and is soon to have a book but I, personally, can't get past the "This looks like Gafield" stick. I'd love to give this animation more "credit" but, like everything else in this world, it has been done before.

Check out the other three cartoons on the youtube channel, which I have put up a widget. This Widget will then be moved down to the "Link Cluster" after a new post is created. And possibly, if it takes up to much space and or slows down page load, will be removed later.

Despite my small and possibly stupid gripes about Simon's Cat, I do hope the animations at least make you smile.


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