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Spiders Are Not Evil

An insectoid that gets more crap then any other that is not directly considered a pest. Actually, these arachnids get rid of said pests and yet are thought of as more of a home invader while most are relatively harmless to humans.

While I say "relatively" I mean to that of a full grown adult who has enough sense to not touch eight legged things that have red hour glasses on their backs. For an infant, yes, any poisonous spider will be a threat. However, spiders in general are not a threat to anyone in at least a suburban area with a moderate standard of cleanliness.

Indeed there are some "nasty ones" in my area, alone. These "big meanies", off the top of my head, are the black widow, the brown recluse and the banana spider. Two of which try to avoid contact with humans and dislike anything larger then itself (The brown recluse and black widow) while the third is usually more fond of running. Out of the three only one is technically lethal.

The problem, at least in my area, with spiders is when they get big. Anything that is smaller then the tip of your thumb will, most of the time, run away in fear. Once in awhile one of these will have made itself one of the lucky few to get to the point of "mean and scary". At this point, even I can no longer play activist. Those monster things need to die!

Again, a problem comes with this as some people think all big spiders are "bad". This is not true! For example, the very common wolf spider is one of the most timid to human animals in my area. While these get very big very fast you have a greater chance of a rodent of the same size biting you instead. That, and the things aren't really poisonous. Basically, if the things actually bite you, it'll just hurt like a summa bish. Pets should avoid the females but otherwise its "cool".

Now, these are all assumed in my personal area of Melbourne Florida with personal experience from myself. If you live somewhere less populated or in the outback for example, I'd avoid anything with eight legs there. My reason for that would be not knowing about the creatures of that area. What I wouldn't do, regardless, is kill them unless I had to. Spiders, even in the outback and other gnarly locations, help kill the big nasty bugs that are actually aggressive toward humans. Then again, some spiders eat other spiders

The main gist of this post is "Spiders are not evil". They are just naturally creepy and/or ugly looking which causes an irrational fear response in a lot of people. Most of which do not even have the actual phobia of spiders but rather are just ignorant of them. I am a bit curious if I made anyone's skin crawl though. Please, wont you share?

Beware when bug hunting as spiders are attracted as well.


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