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Conjunction a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock)

Now I bet a few of you just asked yourselves if I was being serious. The answer is: yes I am being serious and I have reasons why.

Schoolhouse Rock was one of the many options available for Saturday morning cartoons and a favorite pick for questioning parents. I, for one, didn't watch the show much but there are the few songs that we all know. Why do we know these? That is because Schoolhouse Rock is pop culture.

The pop culture part of Schoolhouse Rock isn't its main appeal, however. What is so drawing to the show, even today, is how well it explains things. Yes, they are horribly watered down and show only basics but you've to remember the original target audience. Recall how old you were when you first saw an episode.

Schoolhouse Rock: Conjunction Junction

Schoolhouse Rock: I'm Just a Bill

But from my point of view one of the best parts of Schoolhouse Rock is that a lot of the songs on the show are easy to remember and once you've heard them, your brain wants to hear moren. So I guess I'm sorry, not really, that I "made you" listen to some Schoolhouse Rock. Enjoy having one, or both, of those songs repeating in your head for the next four days. One of the only reasons I posted these is for that reason alone. The songs came to be stuck in my mind so I was, indeed, forced to hear their full versions.


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