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Perseverance (aniBOOM)

It never hurts to have that drive, that ambition and that go-getter attitude. It is that attitude that will have each and all who apply it be granted with mountains of success and have their wishes come true. Remember, even the simplest of folks have such ambitions as well.

A young boy, probably in Mongolia somewhere, wishes to join the martial artist temple/whatever which atop a very high (if not the highest) mountain. He gets there after much effort and work only to be quickly pointed off in the other direction. For a couple of days he endures this before suddenly reaching a realization about himself and the man who rejects him.

Prospective Student - aniBOOM

Monk guy says, "Can't you read?"

In the end of it all, there was nothing more than a misunderstanding. Though if the child pays that much attention to his surroundings, there is little chance he will survive some rigorous training without first being taught to keep his eyes open.

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bagalagalaga said...

This is a good one, also impressed that the animator also did the music, quite multi-talented

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