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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

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Why That Amusement (Blog News and More)

It is currently, 5:52 PM as of writing this blog post and suddenly a thought hit my brain which one would think has hit it earlier. Not once has Solve Unamusement stated why it picks certain amusements over others. This could be a key factor in readers, or not, so clearly this must be addressed now.

The only problem with describing why certain amusements make it above/before others (if even posted at all) is that as a human I'm guilty of suffering point of view. Comes down to what is amusing by the blog author, if only slightly, or a shameless friend plug because one can. Ignoring the latter of the two lets do a quick, and I mean quick, break down as to why certain amusements take "authority" over others.

Easiest of all reasons for any amusement is price and ease of share. ROMs, online games, youtube music and anything else linked to the internet is otherwise free and quickly grabbed by anyone who'd like to try for themselves. So its all very, very CHEAP (if not free) and this is always a good thing. Problem with giving someone a suggestion on anything comes down to if that thing is worth the price tag. Most, but not all, Solve Unamusement's amusements have no price tag at all.

Amount of amusement for total price. This backs to the paragraph above but basically means "Was this worth the cash spent on it." As most things on Solve Unamusement have no price tag there is little reason for most people to go out and try what's been suggestion. At times a in theater or on DVD movie might be suggested as well as a game which is difficult/impossible to emulate but we are still speaking total value over price. If you're savvy you can get a lot of things which are suggested even cheaper than I've obtained them.

Quick and painless! Subjects are things I've tried already and, thus, have an opinion on. This makes blogging a quick and stead thing to get done.

On those above notes, lets check on OnLive and see how it could make modern gaming more pocket friendly.

OnLive Small Demo

On a personal note, OnLive is still rather iffy. You've to buy something which doesn't even download onto your PC. It is all on their servers so if accounts go missing or get hacked or anything of that nature, you might be very SOL. The recent issue which plagued the PS3 as well as some recent DRM involving the NEED for constant net which adds to this worry. Another issue with OnLive is if you do loose internet, then OnLive is almost or completely worthless.


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