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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

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The Bee Game

The Bee, a flash game that was recently found on freeadictinggames, has a beautifully simple thing going for it. The controls are easy, the concept is to the point and the puzzles aren't difficult to figure out.

Yes, The Bee is a puzzle game, of sorts, where you control a bee. The general game play consists of you moving the mouse around the flash game screen to control the bee. You collect daisies and/or get the ball into a basket while getting around obstacles and being constrained to a dotted line area.

The challenge in The Bee, is that dotted line area. Your character, which is of course the bee, is confined to a small area on the screen. At first, I honestly didn't notice and was confused as to why the bee didn't move with my mouse. Yes, this isn't very bright of me but I was lagging at the time.

Puzzles, in the game, randomly range in difficulty. Its a tad random on the puzzle solution as well. While the solutions are simple, collect this then put the ball here, there is no real direction otherwise.

  • Mouse - Move Bee

The only thing other then the puzzles are the odd boss fights against another flying insect. They play something like old school 8-bit tennis games. You lob the ball to the other side and try to hit their floor. After getting five and winning you can continue to the next stage area. I got to puzzle group three before deciding to write the blog post, and will probably never play the game again but it ate a good hour of my time.

A nice solid amusement, if not a short lived one. It is a fun game and a good random find.

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