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Running with Toys

This is going to be the first of a few Toys posts which will cover one of my most favorite movies, ever.

A movie that is thought by some to be one of Robin Williams' best but others, still, his worse; toys is an excellent movie for those who enjoy some rather simple things in life. The film covers some well felt themes of death, love, war, acceptance and understanding while still having a generally upbeat feel to it.

Lots of "big actors" played a role in this movie from Joan Cusack playing Robin Williams' character's sister to throwing in LL Cool J as one of the main antagonists within the film.

While the movie has some great music, humor, actors and a dash of heart one of the things this movie didn't/doesn't have/had was good advertisement. The trailer and advertisements for this movie are/were just horrible to listen to. In honor of that statement, I give you the trailer and an advertisement for when the film fist when on home video.



Now, let us be honest; these do not make you care about the film much, do they? These short blurbs make you not care at all about the film thus missing out on so much. Suppose if one was to argue it was "for kids" then this type of advertisement and trailer would pass, but not by much.

2 Replies:

Sandy said...

Toys is one of the funniest movies I have seen. It is a movie I can see over and over again.

bagalagalaga said...

Well I must say you are 100% right about the trailers, I never heard of this movie

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