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Pick A System (Harvest Moon)

Harvest Moon is a game with so many, moderately well made, renditions that it has a home on every Nintendo system except for the NES. Made by the Natsume, there are also several "unofficial sequels" to other systems. Most of those that are on other systems to not have the actual Harvest Moon name.

The games are rather simple in concept but what always blows me away about each of them is the citizens in the towns your are placed in. While their responses are a bit limited they somehow always seem to make you care, if only a little, about what has or hasn't happened to them.

This feature is easiest seen by the player as they search for a life partner. It was only until recent games that the player was anything other then male, and that is the only type which I play, but the females that where protrayed didn't change much.

They Consisted of:
  • Flower Girl
  • Religious/Politic Girl
  • Tool Girl
  • Party Girl
  • Traveler

Recent Games have included other arcitypes such as the sick girl and her nurse but the originals are the main staples.

Out of the common listed girls, three are almost always present. "Party girl" usually runs the bar, which is open really late. When she is not, most of the time this female is wondering around town and looking at flowers. "Flower girl" operates the place where the player goes to get seeds, this is usually operated by the girls mother. When not working at the see shop, she is usually in a part or other place of that nature. "Religious/Political girl" is usually the mayor's daughter. In some games this girl attends church and in others she is in the library.

Personally, my two favorite versions of the series are two, out of the three, that are on the gamecube. A Wonderful Life and Magical Melody, are the most well done and have the best NPC to PC character interaction.

Overall, its an excellent game series with excellent characters to interact with and a really good game to kinda zone out to at times.

Note: Harvest Moon and other games related are slightly classified as "farming simulators" but this is not the case. These games are small town simulators, but only in a very simplistic way.

2 Replies:

Roland said...

Harvest Moon DID get onto the NES by the infamous Chinese pirated company named Shenzhen Nanjing. Its music is horrible.


Dudel said...

I don't think that counts.... nor would it be in English.

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