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!Ultimate Crab Battle!

Prepare yourself for the longest most epic battle of shark verses crab that you will ever see. A game that is only a really long boss fight between a kid riding a small shark and the giant KING CRAB.

Like most bosses, especially final bosses, the King Crab has several transformations which have a set pattern that you are to discover and exploit. Each transformation and attack is a bit odd but funny, when you aren't playing and said "funny attack" isn't dangerous any longer. One of the oddest, and possibly dumbest, moves/transformations for King Crab is his "coral attack". That's right! The giant crab monster, thing, attacks with coral. At first, this sounds kinda dumb but do as the sign says and "Don't Touch".

The game gives you three lives/continues and a small health bar to do as much damage to The King Crab, as possible. Personally, I tested the game on easy and found it... easy. However after that the difficulty levels jump rather drastically. The only part on normal that I had trouble with was the speeding pearl lights of doom. To be fair, this move killed me on easy as well.

All in all, the game is a blast! Its easy to play but not exactly easy to win.

Give it a whirl, here. A link is also in the sidebar but don't count on individual games and such staying to long as the list is getting a bit cumbersome.

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2 Replies:

John said...

It froze my browser. :(

Dudel said...

Well we both know its cause your PC is poop.

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