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Not Big On Horror (The Unborn)

Most, if not all, recent horror movies usually leave me with a yawn. A majority are that of the "gore-no" where that the only thing to the movie is lots of blood and gore. Porno + gore = gore-no.

It takes a lot for me to even loosely recommend anything in the horror genre that isn't done on the lines of "You might find this funny". Some of my personal favorites are from the eighties and early nineties and I was barely a fetus for most of them.

However, The Unborn is something that did get my attention. The movie was seen a few days ago and does deserve a bit of an "honorable mention" for keeping my attention throughout. What grabs me would be the special effects. The plot was poor and figured out before the movie was in its second act but no one watches horror movies for plots.

Effects, these are what saved the movie! The music and sound was "okay" while leaving the whole thing to be sold on things like the upside down dog head demon and spooky ghost kid. The ending, not the "right before credits" ending, had this rather stylized Jewish exorcism which resulted in some nasty spirit on helpless dude(ette)s action.

The Unborn Trailer

Well, that's the movie right there. No need to actually watch it now, sorry. I do hope you will forgive me for ruining the plot and "epicness" that was The Unborn.


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