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Paranoia Agent

One of the most freaking twisted shows I have seen anime or otherwise. This series starts off making absolutely perfect sense then at about episode five it kicks you in the testicles, metaphorically speaking. The general thought process behind the show would be something of a mystery, but that's not entirely true.

The best message or idea that can be obtained from this would have to be "six degrees of separation". Each character is linked to one another, without your directly knowledge, at first, and sometimes in odd obscure ways. The brilliance of this is how it is done. A few times I had to drop the "No Way" comment, at least the first time I saw the thing.

This would be my second time viewing the 13 episode series and with two episodes to go I still don't remember how it ended. Perhaps I had not forgotten but the first few episodes made me forget instead?

Main Plot, or at least the starting main plot that isn't confusing, is simple. A not right in the head middle school kid wearing gold inline skates, a red cap and a smile goes around smashing people in the head with his dented golden baseball bat. The ones in the terrorized city call him "Shadow/Ghost/etc Bat" or "Shounen Bat". Quickly, you soon find out there is more to this and then you find that there is more and in the end the links that are made make so much sense you feel absolutely dumb.

Over all, my favorite part about the series is that each episode can, and does, stand on its own. There is the main story which runs from episode to episode but each episode can also be its own story, especially those after episode 6, without you needing to know much about the anime's other shows to follow along. There will be parts of "What?" regardless but its a DAMN GOOD SHOW.

Suggestion to watch is high. It has both English subtitled and dubbed, versions. You will miss out on things watching either version so it comes down to a matter of personal preference, unless you know Japanese. I flip-flop on that issue as right now I am watching it subtitled and the first time I viewed the show it was English dubbed.

Update: I did sorta remember the end, to an extent, and it reminded me that this anime also shows us to not lie about things.


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