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Monty Does It Again (HALOID)

Who remembers me talking about this guy in this post? Not a lot of you? That's okay because you are new. No biggy!

Well, Monty has done something a bit more "Dudel friendly" and used characters I actually know. I'm not really into the DOA or FF series but have played a good chunk of Metroid and Halo. That's right, Master Chief v Samus Aran!

I'd really suggest watching the whole video, despite any odd and/or confusing things you may see in it. If you are a big Halo fan you might call foul on something but come on, its all in good fun.


Watch after the credits for something extra "special". When I say "special" I do mean "short bus" special, at least today I do. Some of you might know that as sQecial, with a Q. If you do not, then don't worry as its probably better for your sanity.

Then again, anyone who is a big Master Chief fan and not a fan of Link, or can at least take a joke, should watch this.

Halo: Lost In Time

You may wish to view Lemon Kiss, as well. There is a nice recipe for Eggs Benedict on it, now. I was always curious, does that mean the eggs are traitors?


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