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Think about it, giant and lumbering land animals that have outlived the dinosaurs while being some of the slowest and easiest to catch creatures on the planet. They exist all over the world except for extreme cold regions, as they are cold blooded, come in many many types and rang is so many sizes.

The tortoise is a creature that enjoys his "alone time". Being solitary creatures it can sometimes be difficult to find them. For an animal that is so large they are very stealthy, if not slow and still very lumbering.

Still many animals, including are being newly discovered each day. We all know of the Galapagose Tortoise and some of us know of local ones. Close to myself we have rather large Gopher Tortoise that does as it name implies. They dig burrows for which to lay eggs in.

Also, a lot of tortoise, turtles and other slow moving reptiles are endangered due to people wanting their shells. This is troubling to anyone who has an issue with animal rights or just the rights of these large reptiles.

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Lur said...

I had a tortoise once, but it died afew years ago, I was thinking about digging it up and cleaning off the shell. One of our dogs back then tried chewing on it so its got some teeth marks on it..... There are some cats buried around there though......

Dudel said...

That is really weird and random... but comments are always appreciated. I had turtles myself but water dwellers are more of a pain in the arse then their land counterparts. Turtles are a LOT faster and meaner, on average, then the other.

When I was younger we sorta kinda had a pet Gopher Tortoise that liked to chill in our lawn and eat the lettuce we gave it... provided we left it alone for the most part it would come "visit" when you were not paying attention. "Visits" consisted of being bitten by the thing.

Lur said...

Heheh sorry about being weird i didn't even notice I did it, I just kinda trailed off.

I never got bit by my tortoise it was kinda afraid of people, whenever I would go near it it would duck into its shell and hiss up a storm, I always took it out and let it run around our yard. We fenced up part of it so we could just leave it and forget about it so that could be why it was kinda wild.

Now that I think about it we might have found it when we went to a river or a park or something.... I don't quit remember.

I never liked water based pets of any sort.... to much "mucky" water.

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