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Sweded (Be Kind Rewind)

The "Be Kind Rewind" video (VHS video) store is finding itself in a bit of hardship in the new coming era of the DVD, its losing business, customers and soon the building it rests in. Strugling to survive in the new world and unable to adapt the store is doomed to be shut down. Then upon an error in judgment, the store has all their VHS taps magnetically erased and its up to Jerry and his only "real friend" to make it right, save the store and restore the community.

With this the Sweded movie is born!

Self creations of popular movies made on low budget, possibly altering the contents a little, and most done in under thirty minutes. These short homey movies are so amusing that they have their own following now.

The trailer of this movie doesn't really give it much justice but gets the point across to the basics behind the film.

However, the Sweded trailer done by writer/directer Michael Gondry does the move more service then is truly understood.

The movie is a great family film with high laugh quality and a good moral lesson, if you wish to look for them. Don't be afraid by the films "kooky nature" or "happy ending mentality" this is a great view and I'm glad to have seen it myself.


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