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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

A Clever Rodent

Childhood filled with the antics of Bugs Bunny and his "crew" this is something that will never lose its charm. The age of the watcher is only limited by their own belife of what is "to old" for cartoons. Personally, I say no one is ever to old for cartoons.

Bugs Bunny is someone who teaches us all the power of being clever while in undying circumstance. The particulars of any of his situations are only lead by his slight misdirection, "I should took that left turn at Albuquerque." Always willing to look a villain in his eyes and tell him whats what then mess with his head, seconds later.

Sara Hare

If only we were all a little more like Bugs Bunny there might be a little less stupid to deal with around the world. Yosamite Sam sure takes a beating good though so maybe it might only bring forth more gun violence.


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