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Thinking of Love (Days Go By - Dirty Vegas)

Days Go By done by Dirty Vegas is a light techno song that should be having you thinking of your special someone. It has simple words and tone that gets its point across while making you inadvertently think about your someone special. It is that latter reason as to why I, personally, fully enjoy the song. Dirty Vegas plays a form of techno sometimes called "House", although I am unsure of the differences between techno types.

The band of four members has plenty more where that came from with a range of sounds and feelings behind them. Sadly, from what I can find, the band has only one CD in release by the name of its band. Find them on facebook, myspace or iTunes and see what proceedings happen.

Hope to hear more from the band myself but if not there is still the current CD they have released upon the world. Perhaps more songs may make others think about lost loves or better yet, current ones.

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