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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Co-co-co... NEWS! (Wait what?)

Time for Blog News!

Today we talk about some simple little things ala Dudel. These things aren't really any big of a deal but would not hurt to share. As there is no real location for me to vent other then, here, this will have to do. Blog update situations will also be explained.

Dudel News

  • Recently I have been downloading a lot of ROMs for the ZSNES, VBA and there was a ROM set downloaded the first time the NEStopia was spoken about. Added to these is the K-Fusion, now simply called Fusion, and ROM sets for 3 Sega systems and I have about 4000 games on my PC.

  • Recently I have been at a loss for these as I was never "into" Sega but I know good games are there. With the fusion allowing me to play multiple Sega system's and the ROM sets I officially have enough games to last me until I am dead and buried. Even if my estimation is off but a couple thousand.

  • This, however, has not stopped me from getting more ZSNES and VBA compatible games as I do not have full system ROM sets for these. I could obtain ROM sets for those systems but I actually know them so that is a little bit pointless unless hoping to find something obscure.

  • Recently I have been playing a lot of Pokemon Fire Red, emulated on my VBA, for the GBA. As with my last post, we know I had some troubles. (Got my Pokemon to level 40 before I realized I should fix the problem)

Blog News

  • Some may, or may have not, noticed that things get slightly changed on a regular basis here. I just want to state that is because I am always looking for easy to use widgets that do not envolve me actually editing my page templates HTML.

  • Altering the HTML can, and has, lead to problems with current set up. At one point in the future I may do a "wipe" and completely revamp things but that will not be any time soon.

  • If any of you know of a widget, or simple html/java script that can be used as a widget which would allow me to have random "Yes or No" questions, I would appreciate it.

  • I feel random "Yes or No" questions, without actually thinking them myself and making polls would add a bit of interaction to Solve Unamusement while not being distracting from the main goal of the page that day.

  • These questions would be helpful if randomly changed by somewhere else and on a daily basis.

  • I could, and will eventually, end up creating my own random "Yes or No" questions using the poll options that has if nothing comes up.

That is all for this days post, and like my other news posts is being nonscheduled and written the day before. I do hope those that read this enjoy it, even when I get a bit "agro" and start attacking sites. I'd like to state a special thank you and welcome to Lur, as he is a very appreciated commenter! Also his suggestion will be covered some time next week. A week for myself spans about ten or fifteen days when taken into retrospect to my sleep cycle and understanding of time.

And to keep you amused, here is a song inspired by Portal using various sounds from GLaDOS by Victims of Science.

Vid has been moved, here.

3 Replies:

Lur said...

=o a special mention! Thanks!

It saddens me that i never actually played portal, I was a fan of the game they made before it though, I forget what it was called but it was basically the same thing, but incomplete (i think) as there was no boss when there should have been.

I dug up George,(my tortoise) some of him anyways, when I get the rest of him(skull other half of the shell ectect) I am going to try and glue its skeleton together. Sucks though, I bashed the shell with the shovel as i was digging it up, Also found some rats we had when we moved here, but only got there skulls as it was getting hot out. =)
should that have gone in you other post about the

Dudel said...

Well if you are clever enough/have no qualms about some behavior I'm sure you could "find" Portal... like some of us might have done.... and that is fine where it is. Doesn't hurt or anything.

I "found" it myself and have been randomly practicing with it.

Lur said...

ARRRR matey, Me be "findin" things all the time.

I just been having to take it easy with my internet cause it was crappy like worse then dial up crappy, but I dumped that isp. Now this one has a 12g a month limit but its fast.

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