Solve Unamusement: Portal Flash (Last Portal thing, maybe)

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Portal Flash (Last Portal thing, maybe)

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When something is on your brain like Portal has been on mine, you can not help but keep finding things that link to it. One of those things, I found recently after discovering it awhile ago is Flash Portal, or Portal Flash.. it don't matter either way. The physics of the flash game are similar, but not identical, to the 3d version. Also the flash game is a a 2d sidescroller with even a more simple mechanic.

Originally the Portal mechanic in both games comes across as something rather silly but once you work with it, you can do some really cool stuff. Its all a matter of thinking outside of the outside of a polygon. I guess if you never had the chance to play the orignal game or need a "Portal Fix" while at work or something then Portal Flash is really the best thing for you.

I think there shall be my first blog poll as well, unsure of how well that will go with only a few readers but who knows, yes? As with my behavior and life, the question will be "Yes" or "No", check the side bar.


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