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The Dudel Journal

Treasure Hunting

Something that has been occupying many people sense the very beginning of the civilized world is finding treasure. Whether that be the finding of silver, gems and gold or the discovery of a single artifact. Many men and women, mostly men, have used up their lives in the pursuit of treasure. Some have found grand things and others have been doomed to failure.

Treasure hunting comes in many, many forms and skill levels. They range from the basic hobbyist with a metal-detector who finds spare pocket change to the savvy pirate looking for plunder. The former is the most common and has become a very popular way to spend one's time and money. Personally I find it odd you must spend money to find treasure, especially when there is not much about to be found.

However, there is the middle ground of treasure hunting that consists of ship diving and spelunking. Both require a skill set that is not difficult to learn and a small degree of danger and difficulty but most people can, in fact, do them. These types of treasure hunting are the most profitable but require knowledge of where, what and other variables that a majority of people do not wish to bother with.

Luck is a major playing in treasure hunting as well. Without a map or epic clues leading you to your destination you are basically flying blind, even with hits or tips. Its a matter of "Oh whats over here" and "Lets peek under this rock" which most are not a favor of. Treasure hunting favor's the lucking and the persistent. You can not go out one day and try it then give up because nothing was found. Most treasure hunters go their entire life without so much as a gold coin but it is the adventure they are looking for, not the monetary reward.

I do know that most, if not all, of us wouldn't mind finding a big chest filled with jewels but lets not get our hopes up and have fun with this hobby, shall we?


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