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The Dudel Journal

Don't Fear The Reaper

No really, there is absolutely no reason to fear "The Reaper" at all. No, this isn't about that rock song from the 80s. Was it the 80s? Wouldn't know seeing as I grew up in the 90s. Though if you've got that song, specifically, going through your head you could drown it out with something just as repetitive until you're done reading. You'll at least stop hearing the chorus of Don't Fear The Reaper specifically. You'll still have something ringing in your head over and over, but it wont be "Don't Fear The Reaper."

Back to what we were originally talking about, there isn't a need to fear the The Reaper. Death, the actual act of dying you might still want to fear but the deity that governs it you'll be over. See, once you realize that death is nothing but a big dork/dweeb he's not that scary.

When you think about it, he (assuming The Reaper even has a sex) has been bested by: children, a garage band, Peter Griffin and the French. Now you might get three of those examples (especially considering the content linked to them) in context but the last is probably lost to you, so let us fix this.

La Vie de la Mort or The Life of Death

Bit harsh on Disney, they don't cause death and strive everywhere they go. Sometimes its pestilence and war. Oh wait, those were covered as well. I guess it sucks to be Disney, right now. Though I think I've proved my point about the French... or was that a point about The Reaper? Also, Ha-ha on you thinking I was gonna post about Bill & Ted. I only alluded to them.


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