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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Wonka's Back!

Alright readers, its time for a little more Creepy Wonka except this time he's set to music. So Solve Unamusement has this "weird thing" for the original Willy Wonka film and it probably says things about this writer's personality which are horrible to be saying but that is the cost of journalism such as mine.

Dubstep is a sub-genre techno and Caspa is apparently a big name within that genre of techno but we don't exactly do "journalistic research" here at Solve Unamusement. This isn't late breaking news or comments on the latest technology. Heck, our standard for emulation and ROMs is set dynamically on "personal opinion."

Back to Dubstep, Caspa and Wonka we give you the following.

Caspa - For The Kids

Just a little more creepy than the original!

I think "For The Kids" is the album and not the song, however I'd not know without some more digging and that's not our style on Solve Unamusement. Oh and "We" is a journalistic lie, there is only one writer here.


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