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What Is "Internet Art"?

The internet is good for finding random/odd randomness and sometimes it is disguised as artwork. Who labels most of these items "art" is the artist themselves, most is along the lines of "abstract" and "interpretive". What I intend to speak on, right now, is not your typical type of art. Granted, a few of those posts are art only in certain eyes, I am speaking of something extra odd/quirky.

The first and easiest to post in this is the website URL identified with an "art site". Now, what you might or might not think is something along the lines of something and nothing (Solve Unamusement noted something and nothing 08/03/2009). If such is the case than you would be horribly mistaken.

What I am talking about, today, is along the lines of stfj. An online portfolio of internet interpretive art. The site contains iPhone apps, sites that slowly destroy themselves with unique hits and (one of my personal favorites) a twitter bot whom likes to find the best day it possibly can.

There was also a game called Lose/Lose which I was horribly frightened to try. The game destroys files on your PC for every enemy you destroy and the second your ship is destroyed the game of Lose/Lose deletes itself.

Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the players ship is destroyed, the application itself is deleted.

From stfj, himself.

Thanks to the internet and film editing software, as well as other types of programs that allow manipulation of images as well as film, you can then get the "independent art" scene. This was already touched on, very lightly, with Nuit Blanche. Let us continue the look on things, shall we?


Nokta . from Onur Senturk on Vimeo.

Originally found here at Behance Network.

Don't know, personally, what it is about this video or the next but they are intoxicating. You can't look away from them and simply wish to see what is going on. Is there a further meaning, perhaps? Is it just someone messing around and/or being silly with their new program then simply adding some music and calling it art? Whatever it is, lets look at another similar, but different, situation.


Lautlos from Feedmee Design on Vimeo.

What do you think? Where is the line on "art" and random nonsense strung together to have no actual meaning? What is the difference between those two videos and the thing by Broken Fingerz somehow different? Is this just how we (or myself personally) think on the matter? Do they both "count as art" or am I adding more to something than what is/isn't there?


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