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Laughing Poppins (Movies)

Aren't silly post names, fun? The post title clearly tells you what is going to be spoken about within this post, however not always in context. Sometimes a little bit of help is given, like the word "Movies" in parentheses. This post is about a movie, or at least a small part of a movie.

What movie and what part? Come now, reader. Do you expect me to explain every small detail for you? Perhaps the tape measure needs be pulled out to see how you measure up? Then again, you could always look at that image to the right and simply know what is going on.

Mary Poppins! That's right, the one and only "Marry-freaking-Poppins" is here and going to tell you all about how to behave. Sing, dance, learn a little thing here and there but remember not to enjoy your time to much. You don't want to be lauging hard and end up on the ceiling.

Marry Poppins - Love To Laugh

"I once knew a man with a wooden leg, named Smith."

2 Replies:

bagalagalaga said...

While you're on the Poppins topic, here's a good video - look for "Scary Mary Recut Trailer" on youtube, it's one in a series where someone cuts scenes from the movie out and puts them to scary music to make them look like a horror trailer. Pee Wee's Big Adventure also has a good recut trailer.

Dudel said...


They didn't just do that to "Marry Poppins". NO... how.. I was actually a bit frightened.. man I don't like horror. *shivers* Marry is creepy, man.

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