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Fusion (Sega Emulator)

Some may or may not know that while this writer is a very obvious Nintendo fanboy that some Sega games are enjoyed. One Sega game which is fully enjoyed has always been PSO but that's not today's point.

Today we speak of the only Sega based emulator on your Solve Unamusement writer's PC. That emulator being the Fusion

The main and most obvious reason that the Fusion is popular among emulators, beginner or not, is the fact that it emulates multiple system platforms. This has worked out exceptionally well, personally, as it allows for only one emulator for the most games. This is also one of the main reasons I like the VBA. More bang for your imaginary buck!

The Sega Fusion hosts from the original Master System all the way up the Sega CD. The only problem is that a few of the systems might, and will, need BIOS files. Most emulator/RPM sites will have the BIOS files needed. ROM sites will also have ROMs for all four systems that the Fusion emulates.

Emulator Compatibilities:
  • Master System
  • Genesis
  • Game Gear
  • Sega CD

Why even bother with listing this emulator if I'm such a big Nintendo fan? That's because after posting the SNES version of Aladdin, I figured it was only fair. However my hands are so used to four buttons with two (or four) triggers that the Sega set-up is a little awkward. It means placing some face buttons to a couple trigger buttons on my old Xbox controller. The short of that is that without a "Sega friendly controller", games just feel awkward and unplayable.

I shall, now, spend the next day trying to figure this controller to see if it will work better, or not. My personal money is on "No" but there is a clear bit of personal biased involved.

See The Emulator Zone for all your emulator needs and CoolROM for most ROMs.


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