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Aladdin (Sega Genesis)

It is as Wiki has said, the SNES version of Aladdin and the Genesis version are vastly different. And to cut it quick and simple, the Genesis version is better if not a lot more difficult and unforgiving.

The differences between the two games are quickly apparent when you have played both of them so close to one another. The similarities, beyond the story and the fact they are platformers, are also very obvious. Lets check out both, differences and similarities as seen, by Solve Unamusement.

First thing anyone will notice after booting up the game is that Aladdin has a sword, a scimitar to be exact. However, the apples will hit enemies from afar and are always in plenty so don't be afraid to use them. The game is still short, like the one for the SNES, but it is also noticeably longer. The music for both games were obviously very similar, as well, though one of the two smash the other to no end in comparison. One bit point, gems in the Genesis version actually had a point to them. Gems were used to buy extra levels as well as "Genni Wishes" or "Continues" as one might call them.

Lets break this down a little.

  • Sound: Much better! The music sounded like a real 8-Bit type of soundtrack rather than just "video game sounds" as was with the SNES. Genesis version wins for having almost real music, as real as 8-Bit can get.
  • Controls: Much more responsive, if not difficult for a non-Genesis user.
  • Visual: The SNES one gets the win, here, though neither had bad graphics. Its just that how Aladdin jumps in the SNES version is a lot more visually appealing as well as interesting.
  • Story: Both games stuck, mostly, to the original movie story line but the Genesis did it better. Levels seemed to flow together a lot easier and there was a lot less random. The Genesis cut scenes were also a lot more interesting to watch.
  • Difficulty: While the SNES version "had its moments", it was easy from beginning to end, only showing real challenge at the very end of the game. The Genesis, the first few levels were quick and easy, after that it felt like a real challenge though not horrible difficult that levels and game couldn't be completed.
  • Game Mechanics: Its a tie. Both were platformers but both were obviously different games. They can't really be compared other than control scheme, in which Genesis wins.
  • Game Play: Tie, again. Both were good games, would have given you your "monies worth" if paid for and neither were to demanding on the player.

Here is the first part of the game, with cut scenes being played by neoalex94.

Aladdin on Genesis

Yes, this post is the entire reason for the previous one about the K-Fusion. One can not be a "journalist" with only one side to the story.

CoolROM: Aladdin on Sega Genesis


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