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Brian Jacques and Redwall

A series of books that have sold thousands of copies around the world, the Redwall series written by Brian Jacques is a grand read. The series is in a world of Brian Jacques own creation which contains many places to explore. So much to explore that the series contains twenty books and there are talks for more. Of these twenty I have read two and a half but have never been disappointed.

Highly descriptive in the made up world of Redwall, from the creatures that inhabit the land to the very winds that blow their fur. The series takes anthropomorphic creatures with greatly filled duties, feelings and epic journeys then puts them against once another in fights of good verses evil. To go about this, each side has its advantages. Those that would usually be called "evil" have size and stupidity on their side along with brutality and intimidation. Those that are "good" have only three things, usually: intelligence/quick thinking, bravery/courage and friendship/family.

One of my personal favorite running themes of the books is the food. Each dish for the creatures within the world is described so well, even with being made for squirrels and moles, that it will sometimes make a reader hungry. Talks of blueberry nut cake with chestnut cream a top and honey milk to drink makes a stomach growl with anticipation.

Description, story telling and excellent characters make the books as popular as they are. No, these are not Harry Potter and- but with mole speech, grand sword battles, massive floods, talks of treachery and revenge all looped together with a band of miss matched brothers makes for a beautiful way.

Personally, I don't read much so when a book is named and is as long as those within the Redwall series, it is a very high suggestion. A Redwall book is about three to five hundred pages, on average, so be prepared. I would suggest going to your local library rather then purchase but that is only because of personal status. I, however, own a lot of the books and can read them when I feel like it.

There are other media items with the Redwall fiction including an animated cartoon, a comic/manga and a few picture books.

It should also be noted that in book time is not in order with book release time. Sequels and prequels are released at random intervals during the story.


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