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Dark Water (Childhood Cartoon)

The Pirates of Dark Water was an animated cartoon done back in the early 1990s based on a simple concept of "World going to poo, save it." Personally do not recall to much from the show as its not been seen in about a decade or two but there are things that are remembered to a point.

One of the main things was the intro to the show, which is embedded below, and how cartoons of that era tended to give you a synopsis every time it started. It was as if kids didn't get any credit and would forget the point of the show. It does allow for easy memorization and made way for some of the more redundant Saturday morning cartoon type of intros.

Pirates of Dark Water - Intro

"Beware The Dark Water"

The show and its general plot reminds me, now, of every Zelda and Zelda type clone game. It sounds very "Gather the X amount of Y in order to save the world" and within the standards that we have today, just would not fly.

Another thing, which is interesting, is that the show had a video game tie in (or two if you count console ports) which are very simplistic side scrolling beat ups. They are very Golden Axe and Final Fight but still have their personal quirk.

Pirates of Dark Water:

3 Replies:

bagalagalaga said...

ahh yes this cartoon was awesome, the SNES game was also pretty fun but I remember it being pretty hard, as those kind of games get when endless villains show up. My favorite part of the show was the fake pirate swearing, calling people krell eaters and other gibberish.

bagalagalaga said...

I also remember that sometimes it seemed they would find a treasure like 3 episodes in a row, then I guess the writers were told the series would actually be longer than they thought so they qould go a while without finding one. I don't think it ever had it's magical ending where they save the world...

Dudel said...

The game doesn't really hold up "now-a-days" compared to other games on the systems BUT it wasn't a bad game to itself. Difficulty then, was high and now, not so much.

As for the show never reaching an ending, I don't personally recall. However I do know it took 3 - 4 episodes to find that next bit of treasure and they only got like 6 of the 13 or 14 or whatever treasures they were to get.

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