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Amuck-Pocus-Duck (Cartoons)

Amuck is such a funny word that it has an immediate humorous appeal to it. While the word has its staple within the English language, this little word is mostly used for its humor elements. This was already stated but let us make this more clear.

Honestly the first thought that comes to mind, personally, when the word "amuck" is said comes from the movie "Hocus Pocus", hence one third of the blog post title. For fun, a clip of the scene which is being somewhat spoken of will be included (Here is said clip.), however Daffy knows how to really go amuck.

Duck Amuck was one of this writer's personal favorites when it came to Lonny Tunes cartoons. Its the third wall broken between cartoon character and viewer, rather cartoon and artist. In all honesty these cartoons probably took a bit of a step back from the writers, storyboard writers, etc as this carton (and its sequel) is very off norm.

Generally what you see is Daffy Duck talking to an unknown artist. The artist is messing with Daffy's head for reasons unneeded, really its Daffy he's just fun to mess with, and this results in a string of wonderful gags. A lot of the gags in this cartoon are the typical ones but they are done in a new and (at the time) never seen way.

Duck Amuck - Loony Tunes

"This is a close up?"

Now that we have seen that and there was talks about a sequel, can't really let that go. In this cartoon, it is Bugs Bunny who is being messed with and for a good helping of revenge. Oh but who's getting revenge? Well Bugs pisses off a lot of people so its anyone's guess.

Rabbit Rampage - Loony Tunes

"Don't be so danged lit-er-al!"

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Splash said...

That Amuck video is hilarious! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! *smack* Uhh...

Yeahhh... so thats my re-enactment of that. :D I shall watch the cartoons now!

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