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Misson Edpossible

Some Ed, Edd and Eddy for all of those around. Anyone not familiar with the show only need to know that Ed (with one D) is the dumbest of the group Eddy is the schemer and Edd (Double D to his friends) is the brains. Originally Ed, Edd and Eddy's adventures were based around their summer vacation while trying to scam other kids out of their cash in order to get money for jawbreakers.

However, many of the later episodes were based around the winter/fall and the school year as a whole. This episode is that case. The basic idea is that it's report card time and as Ed isn't very bright and Eddy just doesn't pay attention their report cards are bad. The problem, though, is that the teachers know if Ed and Eddy are given their own report cards that they will alter them.

Ed, Edd n' Eddy - Misson Edpossible pt 1

Mission Edpossible pt2


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