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Leverage WATCH IT!

Don't know how else to explain that one. Leverage is a TNT original series that is currently on it's third season. The season premier was two weeks ago and with the third episode coming up on Wednesday, and every Wednesday, at 10 PM.

The show is about a group of 5 people, one of who is on sabbatical during this season and the half of last (which is slightly lame), who are effectively rob from the rich and give to the poor. A modern day Robin Hood tale with high tech computers and a "How we did it" ending.

The team's members include.

  • Eliot Spencer - The Hitter
  • Parker - The Thief
  • Alec Hardison - The Hacker
  • Sophie Devereaux - The Grifter
  • Nathan Ford - The Mastermind

Originally was going to give links to character profiles but the pages were so load heavy that just linking to TNT's home page for Leverage is enough. That link can be found above.

It's a cool show with great humor, awesome action and a good plot to each episode. The running story is slightly nonexistent, even in the earlier episodes where the story was obvious, but as it's a TV show such things can be let go.

4 Replies:

Sandy said...

It is a great show, maybe a show that needs to be in a DVD collection of all the seasons.

Dudel said...

Yes yes, worth DVD collection.

Geof said...

New follower here.

I never watched this show before, so maybe I am missing out. I can't believe it's on its third season already.

Dudel said...

It really is a great show. I think you can see the old episodes online at TNT so this way you might not have to buy anything you might not like.

ALSO: Thanks for reading Geof! :D

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