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Brain farts make me laugh, don't they you? I mean we all know its slightly annoying to have a sudden brain lapse but when you see others do it, you can not help and chuckle slightly to yourself. Apparently there was actually a study on brain farts and why they happen. According to the study, which was done last year, there is something of a thirty second precursor to a brain fart.

KGB Knows Something About Brain Farts

That being all fun, one should really check the link to the article in the side bar about the science behind a brain fart. It is really interesting to find out how the brain starts to take a nap upon doing something mindless and repetitive but anyone who has done a mindless and repetitive task could have told you that.

Really, if you stop to think about a brain fart, it may cause you to have a brain fart. You'll at least give those around you, if any, a kick from your involuntary release of ignorance.


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